Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Product Key for Microsoft Office 2007

Installation Instructions
1. use VB48G-H6VK9-WJ93D-9R6RM-VP7GT   for Office Suits and
       HCFPT-K86VV-DCKH3-87CCR-FM6HW   for Office Application.
    no activation needed, install and use.

Opening Facebook with a Anonymous Proxy Server

You can open it with a anonymous proxy server. For this open URL http://www.zend2.com and write facebook.com in the box appeared near the bottom and press enter. Facebook will be opened but you will not use with its full features.

Cant Open My Facebook Page from My Office

Employers do not always approve of employees accessing Facebook while on the job. If you work for a company that does not like employees getting on Facebook, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot get on the site. Although it may not be good for your career in the long term, other options are available for getting on the site when your employer puts a block on your social networking efforts through Facebook. You simply need to get a little more creative to gain access.

1.Use a service that emails entire Web pages to an email address. For example, EmailTheWeb.com is a service that allows you to enter the URL of any Web page into a box and enter an email address; it then emails that page to the appropriate email. You need to know the URL of the Facebook page you want to look at, but this option can work.
2.Utilize a proxy server to access Facebook. A proxy server is a website that allows you to access other sites through another server. This way, to your computer it simply looks like you are visiting the proxy server website. While on the proxy, you have the ability to navigate to Facebook.
3.Type the IP address of Facebook into your browser. Depending on the program that your employer is using to block Facebook, it may simply block certain URLs. By typing the IP address into the Web browser, it could pull up the website. Facebook actually uses several IP addresses. Using an IP lookup site can help you find the IP address that you need.
4.Subscribe to certain pages on Facebook with really simple syndication, or RSS. Certain Facebook Walls allow you to subscribe to them through RSS. Then when you want to access them, open your RSS reader and you should be able to see the latest updates.

I hope you find it very helpful.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Problem with the HP Pavilion a1410n PC Desktop

I want to install burner to my HPnPavilion a1410n so that I can burn some of my DVDs, I need directions on how to do this.

Install Nero Burning, it is easy to install. It can be downloaded from the link below:


Problem with the 2004 Toyota Sienna

My 2004 sienna overheats and everybody tells me it is a different thing,it leaks water and mechanics said it's the radiator,it's the water pump,it's the thermostat,how can you tell what it is.?

What you need to do is pressure test the cooling system, that will show leaks. What does happen is you get a leak, and do not notice it, then you develop another one or two, and when you fix the first issue, OTHER leaks show up. << Common thing.
Pressure test, if the rad leaks, replace it, pressure test again, repair what shows up, if anything...You need to be able to hold pressure to keep from overheating. It works like a pressure cooker, you can exceed boiling point with pressure.
This is why you should NEVER open a hot cooling system, it often will violently overheat when pressure is released. 

Problem with the 2002 Ford SVT Focus

2002 ford zx5. low pressure side for A/C is on the passenger wheel well area... is there any special attachments or tools needed other than the hose that comes with the R134?

Just the hose that comes with it, but the freon can be best monitored with a gauge attached to it,some cans of freon come with the gauge some do not, its best to use the ones that do for a novice, because
you don't want to over fill your ac system with freon, an overfilled system will loose its cooling ability as
well as damaging components from higher pressures. good luck!

Problem with the Acer X193W LCD Monitor

I recently got a TCO'03 Display at a yard sale..it has a power cord but where do i plug in into my computer?

You don't plug the power cord into the computer. You plug the power cord into an AC outlet. You need a VGA cord for connecting the monitor to the computer. Walmart, K-Mart, Radio Shack, Staples, OfficeMax, and any of many other stores should have the cable.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Problem with the Eltax Planos 5.1 System

I know the Peak Power Handling is 100 Watt
but if i was to put some more drivers to the amp, or 1 driver what
is Total power of amp can i put a 150watt driver or 200watt in place of the 4.

I'd recommend against any experimentation with this unit unless you are a somewhat qualified electrical (audio) engineer. You can do some serious damage to an amp or the speakers if you don't understand the implications of modifying the load, especially in a downward direction.

At 100 watts 'peak' with a sub-4" woofer this is a modest speaker system at best and probably has very limited potential improvement.

Read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audio_power

Problem with the Apple iMac G4 Mac Desktop

How to stop my G4 Mac desktop screen from jumping around when mousing? My screen moves left and right, or up and down when mousing around.

I think what you have done is accidently magnified your screen slightly. To correct this hold down your ctrl key on your keyboard and move your finger on the mouse scroll button back. Hope this helps.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Problem with the 2003 Ford Expedition

What fuse is for the drivers door keypad an a 2003 expedition?

In the fuse diagram for the 2003 Ford Expedition, a fuse is not indicated specifically for the "Door Keypad"; However it does show which fuse is needed for the Door Lock and Door Lock/Unlock Relay. Fuse location 30, Fuse amp rating 30a.

If you already have a manual, you will find this information in the table of contents under "Roadside Emergencies" fuses and relays.

If you do not have a user manual, you can download one at http://www.motorcraftservice.com

On the menu to your left, click on "Owner Guides".
In the drop down menus click on the year and the model.
Below those drop down menus is another drop down menu, click which Owner Guide you want. I clicked on "1st printing", as well as "2nd printing". The fuse info was the same on both.

Problem with the Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

Roof top a/c not cooling. when open area where the air filter is I saw a wire(with male pug in) dangling not plugged in. it goes to a box labeled "freeze"
should this be plugged in? Where?

Ends of that wire(s) should have a probe on one end, and connector on the other. Plug connector in to control box where it matches, then stick the other end in to coils about 3" up from bottom of coils/fins. You may have to push and wiggle a bit but allow it to slide in between the fins, and insert until most or all of probe is inserted. You may even see old location if you look close with flashlight, and just re-insert it there. That senses frost at bottom of evaporator and will shut down compressor to allow unit to defrost if it freezes up for any reason. The end opposite the connector may also have a round disc like sensor that has a clip on back to snap on to evaporator tubing , usually in lower left corner, again look for old location.
That really shouldn't stop it from cooling in your case. Do you hear compressor kick in, and are you getting any cooling at all? Do you have model number off bottom of roof unit? What type of thermostat are you using?