Thursday, 4 August 2011

Problem with the Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

Roof top a/c not cooling. when open area where the air filter is I saw a wire(with male pug in) dangling not plugged in. it goes to a box labeled "freeze"
should this be plugged in? Where?

Ends of that wire(s) should have a probe on one end, and connector on the other. Plug connector in to control box where it matches, then stick the other end in to coils about 3" up from bottom of coils/fins. You may have to push and wiggle a bit but allow it to slide in between the fins, and insert until most or all of probe is inserted. You may even see old location if you look close with flashlight, and just re-insert it there. That senses frost at bottom of evaporator and will shut down compressor to allow unit to defrost if it freezes up for any reason. The end opposite the connector may also have a round disc like sensor that has a clip on back to snap on to evaporator tubing , usually in lower left corner, again look for old location.
That really shouldn't stop it from cooling in your case. Do you hear compressor kick in, and are you getting any cooling at all? Do you have model number off bottom of roof unit? What type of thermostat are you using?

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