Monday, 1 August 2011

Problem with the Dell Studio 1558 s155810459 156Inch Notebook (CWF00300)

How to replace keyboard dell 1558?

Relativily easy, Pry out the black bezel that surrond that keyboard pad. Open the Lcd screen all the way, slide your finger between the gap where the dell logo on the screen and the front of the bezel on the laptop. There is a slight gap there and you want to tryint to power that open. Then slowly pry and pop the connection around the bezel until the bezel come off. You will see 3 screws that hold the keyboard that located on top of the keyboard, unscrew those and then slowly lift the keyboard up from top to bottom. There is a cable connection under the keypad and you want to disconnect this cable by lifting the flap that hold the end of the cable on the mothboard. Then after that, take your keyboard out and replace with the new one and install the cable and close the flap, Installation is the reversal. Hope this help. there are also youtube video of this if you want a visual of it, maybe not the same model but close.

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